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We believe that women & girls can reach their full potential when systems are designed to include their experiences and voices, and existing patriarchal systems are disabled. Our programs expand access to justice and human rights education by using evidence-based solutions that are institutionalized in local communities affecting millions of women & girls.
We believe that the identity of marginalized communities must be safeguarded. This happens when their ethnic, national, religious, linguistic, political, or cultural backgrounds are not seen as antithetical to the State, but rather, as a driving force towards creating a pluralistic society. Ensuring equal dignity for minorities helps to ensure just and equitable systems.
The U.N. Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism is central to how we monitor discrimination globally because of its universal coverage of human rights issues and ability to track States who have explicitly agreed to address human rights gaps by reforming their domestic policy. We train law students and civil society on law as an invaluable advocacy tool.


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The statistic cited in the interview also rankled our ears, so we decided to look for it -- and this article hit the problem on the head.

"She juxtaposes the deaths of black men and the deaths of police like they are enemies in a war of rival factions, instead of citizens of the same country. She also equates the killing of unarmed black males with the deaths of police officers at the hands of cop killers, like some grisly tit-for-tat. In doing so, Mac Donald is perpetuating the long standing racist narrative castigating black men as criminals, which has been historically and structurally pervasive within the US justice system."
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International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination - ICAAD updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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